What is FSC Certificate?

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What is FSC Certificate?

What is FSC Certificate; It is a document that shows that the products of companies that produce / sell forest products are produced in accordance with the standards set by the Forest Management Council.

Forest Management Council
It is a worldwide organization established in 1993. This organization is a non-profit non-governmental organization that deals with the production / sale of forest products to certain standards worldwide. The founding place of the Forest Management Council is Bonn, Germany. At the same time, the headquarters of the institution is located in the city where it was founded.

Where Does FSC Certificate Get Its Name?
FSC Certificate name; It is named after the initials of Forest Stwardship Council. The purpose of the establishment of this council started when it was revealed that half of the world's forests were destroyed as a result of the FAO reports presented by the United Nations and the World Food and Agriculture Organization. The vision of the institution is to determine the standards regarding the correct use of forest products worldwide and to independently audit whether these standards are applied or not.


What Should Be Done To Have FSC Certificate?

Having FSC Certificate means that your products are not presented to the market as a result of uncontrolled tree cutting. The standards for having this certificate are not limited to felling trees alone. Examining every stage of the product such as production, conversion and distribution stages, it has been included in the certification standards. It is very simple to understand whether a product has FSC Certificate.

FSC Logo Products

The system progresses with the FSC logo and registration number on the product or on the raw material. Each product or raw material with FSC Certificate must have the FSC logo and registration number on it. Non-FSC products are products or raw materials that are not included in the FSC standard. In order to have FSC certificate, companies that manufacture / sell forest products undergo certain inspections. Companies are authorized in line with the determined standards and compliance with this standard is inspected. Companies that are successful as a result of the inspections are regularly announced on the website of the Forest Management Council. Even if you want to get information directly from the institution, the institution asks you to follow up whether your company is from the announced list. Publishing your company name on the website also means legalizing a kind of transaction. Considering that the people will benefit from forest and forest products in the long term, FSC Certificate is of great importance. What is FSC Certificate? How To Buy You can contact us for more detailed answers to your questions.