What are the Documents Required for FSC Certificate?

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What are the Documents Required for FSC Certificate?

For FSC-COC certification, first the FSC system documents must be prepared and the personnel must have received relevant training.

What are the required documents for the FSC Certificate and the documents you are responsible for presenting as evidence to the auditor during the audit are as follows;

FSC Policy
• FSC Handbook
• FSC Representative Assignment letter
• Organization chart
• Job Descriptions (Competence, Competence, Responsibilities, Power of Attorney)
Production Workflows with FSC
• Procedures
• Purchasing Documents / Supplier List with FSC
Sales / Marketing Records
Internal Audit records
FSC Training Records
• Nonconformity Records
• Emergency Exercises
• Risk analysis
• FSC Label and Logo Instructions for Use
• FSC Product Storage and Transport Instruction


Apart from the above documents, the other official documents you need to submit to us are the following.

Official Documents Required for FSC Certificate;

- Signature Circus
- Operating certificate
- Tax Base (Current Version)
- Registry Gazette (Current version)
- If there are branches (Branch establishment newspaper, Branch SSI Service Statement)
* It is sufficient to have the photocopies or scanned versions of the above-mentioned official documents.