Gaziantep FSC Certificate


Gaziantep FSC Certificate

Firms that manufacture and sell forest products in Gaziantep, the apple of the eye of Southeastern Anatolia, purchase the Gaziantep FSC Certificate, a document that considers nature. Gaziantep FSC Certificate is of great importance in order to increase the awareness of people about the protection of forest products and to protect them from the destruction that will occur.

What is FSC Certificate?

It is an international organization of the Forest Management Council (FSC), established in Germany in 1993. The duties of the institution have been determined as determining the standards related to forest management, making studies on certification and labeling of forest products, and its mission has been defined as "to guide businesses and consumers in the decision-making mechanism regarding forests worldwide".

Gaziantep FSC Certificate Objectives

According to the reports of the United Nations and the World Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), half of the world's forests have been destroyed. The "Forest Management Council" was established as a reaction to this.

Ensuring the use of forests that comply with the environmental standards accepted in the world.
To develop policies to ensure the permanence of forest areas.
To establish a system that will follow the traceability and origin of forest products.
Providing labeling and branding to consumers.

Gaziantep FSC Certificate Standard

Forest Management certification defines a voluntary process for the verification of forest products. The document lifetime is 3 years and has been audited every year.

Standard Revision Main Articles;

Ensuring compliance with all applicable laws and contracts.
Questioning of proven land ownership rights.
Respect for the rights of local people.
Long term protection and improvement of workers' rights.
Explanation of the benefits obtained from the forest for fair use.
Ecological functions do not harm the integrity of the forest.
An appropriate management plan that is constantly updated.
A care that takes environmental and social values ​​into consideration.

FSC Logo

Gaziantep FSC Certificate allows the consumer to follow the FSC logo from the supply chain (COC) forest. The FSC logo can only be used on defined products. It cannot be used on other products of the company whose source is unknown. Also known as the FSC Label, this logo came into effect in 2004. It refers to the label used on products for manufacturers to distinguish between FSC and non-FSC products.