FSC Training


FSC Training

FSC Training is a training program given to the managers and employees of companies who want to obtain FSC certification, those who will take part as auditors in the audit process, and those who want to learn about document standards. The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is an independent organization established to improve the management of the world's forests. Worldwide, the total area certified in my FSC CoC Forest Management System is more than 100 million hectares in 79 countries as of 2018. 58% of this area is natural forests, 34% is semi-natural and nursery mixed forests, and 8% is nursery areas. A training program has been developed that covers the work done in order to protect the existence and competence of this forest around the world, the operation of the system and its requirements. This program, called FSC Training, is implemented by independent organizations all over the world.


How Is FSC Training Given?

In our country; The number of companies providing a wide range of training services such as FSC-CoC Forest Management System Basic Training is very few. However, the FSC standards training, which has a similar name to this training content, will help you learn about the system. The aim of this Training is; It is possible to explain the importance of the FSC label, its contribution to companies and its contribution in terms of individual development. A responsible and authorized management representative must be defined for the implementation and continuity of the CoC management system. All employees must be aware of their responsibilities within the FSC Training CoC system. To be able to fulfill these duties, they must have received all the necessary training. Records of existing training and personnel information and experiences should be created, the qualified personnel in the relevant operations should be shown with the records and trainings given, and the need for additional training should be determined in a certain order.

FSC Training duration and tuition fee differ according to the training company. This training can be completed in 1 day since the topics in its content are not too many. This education; People who will take part in studies such as implementation, development or inspection of FSC Standards and people who want to have information about FSC Standards can participate. There are no prerequisites for participating in the training program.

As Key Quality, we also provide FSC consultancy services to company officials and employees in the certification process along with the FSC training program service.


FSC Certification Process

The FSC label on the product is an element that makes it easier for the consumer to make a choice when buying paper products or timber. If we explain why choosing the FSC labeled product will make a difference; It prevents the change of natural forests and other nature around the world. It prevents the use of pesticides with very high levels of danger around the world. It prevents the growth of genetically modified trees. It respects the rights of indigenous people around the world. It checks the compliance of certified organizations at least once a year. With the increasing environmental awareness, many organizations demand that the raw materials and semi-products they use be supplied from well-managed forests. Assurance in this regard is given by international certification companies with approval of quality and conformity. One of the FSC certification types is the Forest Stewardship Council Chain of Custody Certification. The Protection Chain Certificate refers to the uninterrupted path that the product reaches the consumer, starting from the forest, including the production, transformation and distribution process.

When we consider the consumer side, the FSC Certificate provides information about the source of the product, while FSC-CoC guarantees the delivery of the right product in the right way. CoC is a word consisting of the initials of the words Chain of Custody and translated into our language as Chain of Custody or Chain of Protection. This term, which we also call FSC Chain, is used in a sense such as monitoring or keeping all stages of a product under surveillance, starting from the raw material state until it reaches the end of the product.

FSC-CoC Forest Management System; It is a system established to ensure that the forest product is taken from a forest that complies with the FSC standards and that all stages of this product until it reaches the consumer. Products that meet the requirements of this system can obtain FSC-CoC Certificate and use the FSC-CoC label.