FSC Inquiries


FSC Inquiries

FSC Certificate is an organization that aims to manage all forests in the world in the most appropriate way and to spread these practices internationally. International standards have been set to achieve this goal. Different institutions are authorized to issue certificates of conformity to the determined FSC standards. The products obtained with the right forest management are recognized with the FSC logo in the world. FSC inquiries can be made by companies that have received FSC Certificate from authorized organizations on the official site of the Forest Management Council (FSC), info.fsc.org.


FSC Certification Process

Document Application Process covers the application to the certification body with the following required documents. The Consultancy Process covers approximately 20 days of process, paper supply, necessary procedures and elimination of documents. The Audit Process includes the auditing of the company according to certain standard criteria by authorized auditors. The Certification Process includes certification, registration in the system and inclusion in the FSC chain system based on the FSC Certificate application after all these application, consultancy and inspection procedures. FSC Inquiry can be done after the certification process is completed. The necessary company documents are; Tax Board, Operating certificate, Trade Registry Gazette. Application; After the parts specified in the request form are filled completely by the company, a price offer is prepared and presented to the customer. Then, after a mutual agreement is signed, an audit date is determined. Audit; After briefly explaining the audit process, the auditor determines the scope of the CoC system. FSC Certificate is valid for 3 years and is subject to inspection every year.


The Audit Process consists of the following stages;

Receiving Inputs, Receiving Goods; Purchasing department is visited. Documentation and records are reviewed and controlled. Incoming raw materials and products invoices, measurements and related records are checked. Storage conditions of incoming raw materials, including their location within the warehouse, are checked by looking. The input control is evaluated within the framework of the CoC system.

Production Process; It is ensured that the risk control to prevent the mixing of certified products and non-certified products is audited. The applied control systems are evaluated, the definition and control of the processing, classification and packaging process are applied.

Output; Decomposed or defined certified products in the warehouse Labeling and shipping Sales Departmant Publication of Reports and

Documents; After the audit report is prepared, it is examined by the company that issues the FSC Certificate. Then, if no non-conformities are found, the FSC CoC document management system is published.

Surveillance Audits; Surveillance audits are carried out at least once a year. FSC Certificate has 3 years validity provision.


How to FSC Inquiry?

FSC inquiries can be made by companies that have the license code in the FSC document on info.fsc.org, the official website of the Forest Management Council. The FSC certificate for questioning is given by authorized companies according to the standards set by the Forest Management Council.