FSC Certification


FSC Certification

FSC is a special type of document that officially proves that the relevant companies producing forest products manufacture and sell these products directly in accordance with the conditions determined by the Forest Management Council. Without this type of document, it is not possible to produce and sell forest products in a healthy way. The Forest Stewardship Council is a private institution established around the world in 1993. Businesses through this institution must have an FSC certificate. It is a non-profit organization that manufactures, sells and sells forest products from around the world.
The headquarters of the Forest Management Council is in Bonn, Germany. The organization provides global service directly from this central base. According to a report presented by the United Nations and the World Food and Agriculture Organization, it has been stated that forests around the world are seriously damaged. Based on this justification, the Forest Management Council was officially put into service.


How to Get FSC Certificate?

As in all countries, FSC certificate can be obtained easily through our country. For this, it is sufficient for the enterprises in question to fulfill some criteria. The document has been prepared for businesses that produce and sell directly related forest products. However, it is not possible to carry out the audit directly over the companies.

Necessary authorizations are given to the enterprises in line with the determined standards. Necessary inspections are carried out within the scope of these standards. Businesses for which FSC certification is submitted are also regularly published directly on the Internet every month. In this respect, the FSC certificate can now be obtained both faster and without the need for detailed documents.

The Purpose of the FSC Document is as follows;

Ensuring that timber and other forest products other than this forest product are produced in a conscious and healthy manner
Ensuring that all kinds of interventions in forest areas are at a level that will not disturb the ecological balance in line with the purpose of profit.
Ensuring that societies benefit from forest areas for a long time and in this context, supporting the creation of contributions to the ecological system


Advantages of FSC Certificate

FSC certificate offers many advantages to companies. This document enables businesses to produce forest products in a healthier way. In this context, it contributes to the relevant companies to offer their products directly to the market in a faster way. FSC certificate enables companies producing forest products to gain higher prestige in the sector. Without this document, it is impossible for businesses to produce quality forest products and offer them for sale with a high profit margin.

Apart from this, the FSC certificate also supports businesses to remain pioneers in the sector. It helps to create a healthier competition in the sector. Today, businesses that have the FSC certificate have a wider and more stable customer base than companies that do not have this certificate. In this context, it is recommended both domestically and internationally. In summary, the FSC certificate is among the sine qua non for companies producing forest products to obtain a corporate identity and to achieve customer satisfaction.


Which Companies Can Get FSC Certificate?

As we mentioned above, only enterprises producing forest products can have the FSC certificate. Today, there are many companies in this field in our 81 provinces. Companies producing forest products of all sizes need FSC certificate. The FSC certificate is the Forest Stewardship Council Conservation Chain certificate. With this official document, businesses can manufacture forest products more safely. Companies that want to have FSC certificate do not need to be located in a modern field. Because this document can be obtained by companies with any characteristics that produce forest products.

Applications can be made to many different centers to obtain the FSC certificate. However, it is important to note that the centers provide quality and guaranteed service. Because the FSC certificate can be given by many amateur types of businesses, especially over the internet world today. Institutions with corporate identity can be preferred instead of such organizations.

The FSC document was created in order to prevent the destruction of forest areas. Before this document was put into service, it has been proven through official data that these areas were seriously destroyed by people from all over the world. Forest areas are indispensable for the protection of human health. Today, the destruction of forests plays a major role in the deterioration of the ecological balance in the world. With the FSC certificate, it is no longer possible to destroy these areas.

It is possible that the relevant companies do not provide an FSC certificate and will also be subject to legal procedures. This document is also important for companies. Through the document, businesses can gain high trust as well as have a wider market network. Because the PSC certificate enables businesses to be recognized globally. In this direction, it supports the sale of forest products earlier and with a higher profit margin.


Are There Any Disadvantages of FSC Certificate?

FSC certificate has any disadvantages. This document has been created entirely for businesses to achieve high quality standards. Apart from this, the FSC certificate also provides an advantage in terms of obtaining a wider forest product catalog besides timber. It is important for companies to prepare some documents completely for document purchase. The FSC certificate also provides an advantage for the forest products producer companies in terms of having trained and fully equipped staff.


FSC Document Considerations

You can also obtain the FSC certificate for your business from the comfort of your home. However, in order for this process to progress faster, if possible, you can apply for an FSC certificate individually through the relevant institution with your documents. There are some important details to be considered in the FSC document.

First of all, a comprehensive preliminary research should be done about the institution from which the certificate will be obtained. It should be noted that the organization presents this document on official status. Because many amateur types of companies can present unreal, that is, fake FSC documents that are not official. This causes you to experience great losses in terms of both financial and time. One of the most important points to be considered in the FSC document is that the relevant institution provides you with detailed information about the document. In other words, it gives you preliminary information about details such as what the document does and the purpose of use.

Is FSC Certificate Paid?

Many details are being wondered about the FSC certificate in 2021. One of the most requested details is whether any fee was paid for the purchase of this document. If the FSC certificate is obtained through an official institution, it is possible to pay a minimum service fee. Because in order to obtain such official documents and certificates, the service fee specified in the legal scope must be paid by the relevant enterprises.

You can also make your FSC document payment through all your bank credit cards, except cash, in line with your preference. You can make your payment securely through the official website of the institution you want to receive the document from.


What Did Businesses That Have FSC Certificate Gain?

Enterprises that have received FSC certificate have gained a lot compared to enterprises that have not received this certificate. Because this document shows that the enterprises do not pose a risk in terms of human health. It shows that forest products are produced and offered for sale in a modern way. FSC certificate offers great advantages not only for companies but also for consumers. With this document, since the natural ecological balance of the forests is taken under protection, it has been ensured that consumers take part in this area in a pleasant and peaceful way throughout their lives.

Therefore, this document offers unique benefits both for companies producing forest products and for societies. You can apply for an FSC certificate when you want to establish a company that produces forest products or to ensure a healthier functioning of your existing business.