COC Certificate


COC Certificate

The summary description of this document is the certificate of conformity. In this context, millions of hectares of forest areas around the world have been officially declared directly over the FSC Forestry Regulation standards. Therefore, the COC document is a document model within the scope of the FSC document. The certificate of conformity is a certificate presented for the forest products purchased to comply with the legal procedures of the relevant country, not to pose any risks to the health of the natural environment balance, and to overlap with the general characteristics of the relevant company.
Obtaining the COS certificate is mandatory within the legal scope. This type of certificate has been officially put into service not only in our country but also in all countries. The purpose of creating the COC document is to protect millions of hectares of forest areas around the world.

Why Was the COC Certificate Created?

This document is now required by all companies that produce forest products and sell these products. The direct damage to forest areas by people in the past years is the biggest factor in the preparation of this document. Because forested areas have a vital value in terms of human and natural life. Even the smallest destructions in this area lead to serious deterioration of the ecological balance.

Thanks to the COC certificate, these areas are no longer damaged today. Because the fact that the companies holding this document act outside the criteria means that they are subject to criminal proceedings within the legal scope. Since the enterprises cannot afford this, they observe maximum sensitivity in the production and sales of forest products.

Which Companies Does the COC Certificate Address?

The COC certificate is also heavily demanded from our 81 provinces. The main reason for this is that there is a high density of enterprises producing forest products throughout our country. As the name suggests, this document is intended for businesses of all sizes, large and small, that only produce forest products and sell these products. Today, it is out of question for the companies in question, which do not have the COC certificate, to have a place in the sector. Because this document is mandatory as we mentioned above.

Enterprises that produce and sell forest products must first have a COC certificate in order to distinguish them from the competition in the sector in a healthy way. Companies that only produce timber do not need to obtain a COC certificate. Because this product is not directly included in the forest products.

Benefits of COC Certificate to Businesses;

It enables businesses to prove their age in the industry.
It paves the way for companies to acquire a wider level of customer capacity.
It creates an infrastructure for the formation of qualified personnel and at the same time for companies to sell their products globally.
It supports the production of all forest products in a more practical way, except timber.
It enables companies to achieve higher motivation and self-confidence.
It supports the easier marketing of forest products.

COC Certificate Advantages

COC certificate provides great advantages for companies producing forest products. Through this document, businesses can offer their products for sale on any day and in different regions they wish. The COC certificate also plays a role in helping companies achieve a corporate structure. Because through this document, businesses can also offer their customers a guarantee and a wide range of up-to-date references. One of the main advantages of the COC certificate is that it offers companies a low cost.

Because this document can be obtained quickly in return for a lower service fee today compared to previous periods. One of the main advantages of this document is that companies are active throughout the service process. In other words, it is sufficient for your company to obtain a COC certificate at once and to continue your activities for many years on the document.


Where to Get COC Certificate?

You can easily access the COC document via the internet world. You can obtain this document from quality and reliable institutions. But you need to be careful to stay away from poor quality and unreliable companies. You should know that preparing a COC document requires expertise. The preparation of this document by amateur companies may pose a risk to the prestige of your company. Today, there are many amateur websites, especially in the internet world.

Instead of obtaining a COC certificate through these sites, you can choose the company site that offers services in line with your expectations. Since the COC document has an official feature, it does not have any disadvantages for your company. For this reason, you can safely obtain your document and also learn all the details you are curious about the document directly from the relevant institution.


Why is the COC Certificate Important?

Forest products are included in the list of raw materials with the highest production and sales in the global sense. Today, most of the products used in many different fields are produced directly from forest products. Many examples can be made in this area, from household goods to textiles and industrial products. In this direction, the COC certificate is important for forest products manufacturers. Products produced without this document cannot be approved by individual and corporate customers. The COC certificate also shows the quality of forest products, which means that the relevant producer company is of high quality and reliable.

In the past years, since there was no COC certificate, many forest product manufacturers were producing products incorrectly. This could cause serious harm to nature. With the COC certificate, companies are now producing products more consciously.


When And Where Was The COC Certificate Created?

This document was created in 1995 over Bonn, Germany. There were researches done by many global organizations at that time. Accordingly, it has been presented as a report that since then, forested areas globally have been extensively destroyed both by forest products producer enterprises and individually. Accordingly, the COC document was prepared quickly and officially put into effect. Therefore, the document has been used on a global scale without interruption since 1995. The COC certificate is not a document that can harm businesses, and it has been specially prepared for the protection of the natural structure from humans and animals.


Documents to be Prepared to Obtain COC Certificate

In order to obtain a COC certificate, some documents must be prepared completely by the relevant enterprises. This document can also be obtained online. For this, the corporate website of the relevant company must be visited. In order to request the document, businesses must connect to the online support center or, if they prefer, contact the corporate phone line of the company in question. In order to ensure that the process of obtaining the COC certificate can be carried out in a healthy and fast manner, it is also beneficial for the companies making the application to prepare the documents, if possible, accompanied by the relevant experts.

Especially in our country, many businesses have insufficient knowledge about the documents that need to be obtained and prepared for the COC certificate. In this context, it is recommended that you get support from an expert consultant to obtain this document for your business.

Things to Consider in Companies Offering COC Certificate

You can obtain the COC document 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. However, before obtaining this document, it is recommended that you do a thorough preliminary research on the relevant companies on the internet. Today, there are many under the counter companies claiming to offer quality services. It is not possible to purchase a 100% guaranteed COC certificate from such businesses.

It is important that the company to which you will provide this document has a corporate identity, provides a guaranteed and fast service, and offers Online Customer Support Services in a professional manner 24/7. Obtaining the COC certificate from amateur-type companies may cause you to have problems in various aspects in the future.