Adana FSC Certificate


Adana FSC Certificate

on Turkey's greenery and nature with the lush vegetation on the forest products Island is one of the cities with quite important. For this reason, companies that produce and sell forest products in Adana want to check whether the products meet the quality standards in their production. For this reason, they apply for the Adana FSC Certificate and make an effort to obtain the document.

What are the Advantages of Adana FSC Certificate?

FSC Certificate you will receive from our Key Quality organization; It is a market-based tool that seeks to raise awareness and provide the right incentives to both consumers and producers for the use of forests. The most obvious benefit of the document is market expansion.

Adana FSC Certificate has 2 types of advantages besides many advantages. The first is its potential benefits and advantages. Potential benefits include improvements in both regional performance and marketing opportunities. Advanced control of the illegal wood trade is the rationalization of allowances in the wood industry and greater efficiency in the wood products industry.

Among the advantages of the document; higher market ratio, providing market premium in the yellow of forest products, more securing the market against market constraints, long-term supply direction of forests due to the continuity of supply level, independent examination of forest management practices, greater commitment to forest management and protection in the operation of environmental groups provided.

In fact, certification in Europe does not constitute the wage premium that some forest owners expect from the certified management of forests. Instead, large wood products retailers have used certification as an organ of their green sales strategy, and it has been the most beneficial for now. On the other hand, the benefits of certification can be divided into two groups as market benefits and non-market benefits. The most obvious market benefit is higher fees for certified products. Other market benefits are market access and market expansion. Efforts to increase market assistance for certification have supported the creation of environmentally conscious customer groups and non-governmental organizations. Non-market benefits of certification are; can be counted as creating the image and identity of the company in terms of good forest management. Preparing and reviewing a forest company can help forest managers to identify their progress in forest management practices.